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Shanghaied through time and space
Into a cult-like twilight zone

Awakening to the realization
A small group bans together

The treacherous escape route
Is found
But not everyone is on board
Many are paralyzed with fright

They will have to unite to survive
Work together to configure the escape
Set up a front and run defense

Quickly plot and plan
In a small place

The feeling is that of suffocating
Panic and fear is rife
Behind the mask of normalcy

There is no choice
Their lives and free will are at stake
An attempt has to be made
It has to be fast and furious

Jumping through the rabbit hole of time and space
Send the weak and terrified down first
Push and shove
Keep moving
Faster and faster

There is no stopping
The strongest goes through last
To hide the trail and in case of discovery
And conflict

No one is left behind
Hands are held
They move as one
To freedom and life

No one remembers breathing
Just moving pushing shoving

Sliding back through into reality
Into the real world
Everyone is greeted with cheers and laughter
Their arrival had been eagerly awaited

Hearts and minds are light as air
Lives are restored
The nightmare is over