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Coming Of Age In Mississippi

Anne Moody takes us on a sad yet inspiring  journey through her youth and college years in the scary world of African-Americans living in the South during the 1950’s and 60’s.  It was heartbreaking to read some of it.  It was beyond my realm of thought how people could do some of the things they did and still do to other human beings.
I admire the way Anne stayed on track working for something so meaningful to so many people.  She gave up a lot for so many to gain so much. It was as if it was in her very bone marrow to work against the horrible effects of racism.
We have all heard of Rosa Parks but I doubt that many of us really understand how brave she was or what those times were really like.  Now we can.
Coming Of Age In Mississippi has given me many  thoughts to ponder as well as answered many questions that I had concerning that time period.