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Like A Good Neighbor

I can’t seem to walk out of the house these days without having an animal situation. Last week it was young raccoons, this week stray cats. This evening as I was walking my dog I noticed a black cat running through the parking lot where I was walking. I have seen her about and wondered if she was¬†alright. She isn’t alone that’s for sure. She has two little kittens with her but one of the babies had a clear plastic cup stuck on its head! Oh dear me why do I always have to see this stuff?!

I ran back home and put my dog in the house then called my friend and like a good neighbor he came to help. He always does. He got a pair of thick work gloves and we found the kitten in the shrubbery but it wouldn’t let us near it. So hopefully by running through the shrubs and turning around and about the cup will fall off. Thank God it’s not a bottle as I thought in the beginning or it would be bad news for the poor helpless kitten.

As for me I think I will get a treadmill and stay inside.