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Goodwill Treasure

I came across this beautifully framed Jennie Brownscombe after etching by Jas. S. King.  Sunday Morning in Sleepy Hollow in Goodwill a few weeks ago for only $30.00!   The print alone is worth that much. My parents already have The Berry Pickers so this will make a nice addition to their home.  Now I think I might have the collecting bug. I know that I have seen these at Goodwill before so I will be on the lookout for them. I would love to find The First Thanksgiving. Jennie’s work is reminiscent of Normal Rockwell. Below you will find a link to Wayne County Historical Society in Honesdale PA with more information about her.


If you google Jennie Brownscombe and click on images you can see many more of her beautiful paintings. It’s a style that I would have never thought of owning but now after it has been sitting in my house waiting to go to my parents I have become quite attached to it.