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The Gospel of Rutba

I have not had a chance to read this book yet but as soon as I can I will. I read Greg Barrett’s other book, The Gospel of Father Joe, several years ago and it was very inspiring. I have been on-line friends with Greg for some time now. He travels to places that most of us would never want to go, to share the Gospel of Christ if possible and to tell people’s stories. Check it out. Go on now, pick it up and give a read.  I’m almost certain that you will enjoy it and be moved by it.

The Heart and the Fist

The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens is a most interesting and inspiring book. This guy is a great man among men.  He has truly lived an adventurous, interesting and giving life.

He has traveled to many refugee camps helping out as much as possible.  He was a Rhodes Scholar who became a Navy Seal. This is one good man.

His easy going style of writing makes one feel as if they are sitting down for coffee with a best friend whilst they tell the story of their charitable and unique world adventures.

This book would be a wonderful gift for an older teen interested in humanitarian work and to inspire those who aren’t moving in that direction or for any guy considering joining the Navy Seals Team.