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Be Brave, Just Say Something

Sometimes all it takes to make someone’s life better is for you to say something. So just do it. So what if someone yells at you or won’t do what you are suggesting. You don’t know until you try it.

In this instance I am talking about a dog but it could be any animal or human. Speak up and take a chance on making someone’s life better.

For instance “I noticed when I come over to play with your dog she never has any water”.
We are talking about a period of at least ten hours. The dog has water now. Yahoo!

That’s all it took. Of course I did have to broach it nicely. Yes kind of difficult for me to do. Be brave, just do it.

How many children, animals or elderly people can you help by speaking up? Encourage others to do so. If you see a dog who doesn’t have what it needs then ask if you can help in any way. Can you walk it, play with it, provide much-needed water or food? Maybe the owners are in over their head. It’s not the dogs fault. By helping the neighbors you are helping the dog.

Do you notice a neighborhood child at the bus stop without a coat? Or good shoes? Buy whatever and give it to them through the school. Add in a little extra, like fun pencils, paper or whatever you think their age would enjoy.

Does an elderly neighbor need their leaves raked, snow shoveled? Firewood? Oil? Sneak and pay their gas bill or drop off a big bag of groceries for them!

Keep your eyes and ears open there are always people or animals who need help. Sometimes the need may be so large that you must have help, so be it. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that will make someones life so much better. Whatever it is just do it!!!!!

What a wonderful world this could be if more people would speak up. Far too many people hide and cower away. Don’t mind your own business and you could make a life better or even save one. Don’t leave it for someone else to do, YOU DO IT! Be brave.