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You want us to sit where? What? We’re confused.

Luna Baby Sleeping

I love to watch Luana sleep, she is as cute as any baby when she sleeps. This photo doesn’t do her justice.

Honkey the Chicken, Playing Dead

You tell us what you would have Honkey thinking to himself at that point.

In the Pink

Wow! Look at this most beautiful pink dress that I found on Etsy. It makes me think of that show I Dream Of Jeannie. This is just so pretty.

Bring me sunshine!!!!!!

You may have already seen this but I hadn’t so maybe you haven’t either. Be prepared to get up and dance! Smile! And be happy!

Necklace for a Niece

Just a little treat that I whipped up for my niece. She’s a little whipper snapper as the old folk would say. She’s the best player on her softball team but she likes girly things too. I believe she is the ripe young age of eight. What sport did you  enjoy the most when you were eight?

Happy, happy, joy, joy – it’s fall!

A Zebra? A Pig even? Of course they smile!

A horse, a horse of course. Of course all of the animals smile. And they mean it!

The Christmas Jay

A sheet of four that may be used as bookmarks, gift tags, cards or for scrapbooking purposes. Watermark will not be on your purchase. This can be found on my Etsy site.

Need a hammock in a hurry?

Then Tim Anderson who writes a column for Make Magazine has just the sheet for you. Yes that’s what I said, sheet. All you need is a sheet and some rope. This snuggle type hammock is my favorite kind so I will be giving this a try. Just not right this minute. I feel a nap coming on. So while I nap you can check out his instructions.