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Look Grammie I Found A Skink

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When you get to the part about the geese if you don’t cry or come close to it then you must not be human. I had no idea that geese were that way. It’s hearbreaking and heavenly at the same time. Thank God for these loving angels who helped these animals.


Rabbit Running on the Plains

Painted Beauty

WDNR – Raccoon Fact Sheet

We (Darla and I) didn’t even make it out of the front yard tonight for our walk before she, being the hound that she is, spotted two baby raccoons sticking their cute little heads out of the storm drain across the street.  My photo isn’t very good as I was hesitant to get very close.  I let my neighbor go first, he was brave.  When they retreated instead of  coming out I went a little closer and saw the two little critters huddled together on the ledge inside the drain. They appeared healthy and large enough to just recently be on their own.

WDNR – Raccoon Fact Sheet.

Funny Fur