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One Photo Three Ways and a Book





If you have children or grandchildren this book will amuse them immensely. If you have no children or grandchildren it will amuse you immensely as well.  You never know when a really good fart will come in handy.

Darla Showing You Her Good Side, Oh I mean Her Serious Side





Pet Portrait

Jake before and after. What a good boy. For a hyper dog he sat still just long enough for me to get his portrait.

Molly on White

Leave me

Leave me be, please just leave me to wallow by the fire in my misery.  I saw no squirrels, no raccoons, not even a chipmonk today. I must rest now.  Bid me adieu I pray.

A Dog Doesn’t Ask For Much

A safe place to lay his head, shelter from the weather, good food, a bone to distress with and your companionship. That’s not too much to ask in return for protection, love, loyalty, a beautiful bright smile every single day at any time of the day. Considering what a dog will provide you with, a dog doesn’t ask for much in return.