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Who doesn’t like to scribble? Didn’t we all do it in school? Yes, so here is a fabulous program that will really make your scribbles lively! Try it, it’s fun!

Silk Fun!!!!!

I just found this on the site, How About Orange . This virtual painting with silk is so much fun. Very Zen. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing. Check out her site, she has so many interesting things to see and do.

In The Moonlight

She danced and laughed all around the garden, all night long under the brilliant blue moonlight.

Scarf Angel

I was out just shooting in the backyard the other day and threw this scarf in the tree then noticed that it had taken on the shape of an angel. Then I took a fairy brush made by Malinaoakley/deviantART and made it look like a angel/fairy whichever.