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Good Golly Miss Molly!

How could you ever eat meat again after reading this heartwarming tale about a cow desperate to live and smart enough to do something about it?! Have you ever looked deeply into the eyes of a beautiful cow? Try it someday, you might be surprised at what you see.

Miss Molly you can come and live with me. I will love, spoil, kiss and pet you every day. You’ll be safe with me.

Cat Dumper – Sorry

Really? I doubt it. She is however sorry that she got caught. She is sorry she is being hounded by the press. She is sorry people are saying mean things to her and about her. She could still care less about what the cat felt sitting alone and trapped, no food or water. No way out. What did she think? That the cats legs would suddenly grow long enough for it to reach up, push the lid open and escape. Did she think it would have a jolly good time sitting at the bottom of a hot, suffocating, stinking mess?

Or was she planning, plotting, hoping, knowing damn well that if no one ever found it in there it would be smushed in a giant scary, noisy trash truck. A person’s beloved pet squashed in a trash truck and all she can do is half-heartedly barely paying attention mumble a pathetic stupid apology. She is only sorry to have been discovered. Oh and she wants her life back now so she can go and play with the man from BP. Maybe they can take a few classes on what acting and looking sorry look like to the rest of the world.

Bull jumps out of ring, terrorizes crowd in Spain – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports

Bull jumps out of ring, terrorizes crowd in Spain – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports.

Why would anyone find this surprising? You endlessly torture an animal just for fun, put it through all of that pain and fear for entertainment and think it’s ok to do so.  I say BRAVO! for the bull. It’s about time.

19 bears rescued from bear bile farm in Vietnam – Yahoo! News

19 bears rescued from bear bile farm in Vietnam – Yahoo! News.

This practice is savage.  Don’t tell me it’s a cultural thing.  Are you human?  Do you have any feelings at all?  How you treat animals shows how you would treat a person.  And the worst thing is too turn it into a tourist attraction!  It’s just savage.