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Cat Allergies Can Be Controlled

This article on Yahoo News leaves a few stones unturned I believe. I do understand the severity of allergies as I have struggled with them all of my life. Twenty something years ago when I was pregnant I developed chronic severe asthma. It did subside a few years later only to reappear whenever I have bronchitis and of course when I got an indoor dog and then a cat. But something the article fails to mention is the fact that there are so many new medicines available now that didn’t  exist  twenty years ago not to mention when I was a young child and loved cats.

Yes I have to take medicine. Yes it is expensive but the joy I get from finally being able to have a dog in the house and a cat at all let alone in the house is priceless. Ok maybe that isn’t the best way to say that. It does come at a high price but it is doable.

I take Singulair for allergies and use a Symbicort inhaler.  So it can be done.  So don’t throw the cat (or dog) out without looking into the matter first.  You’ll miss out on far too much love and joy.