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The Most Beautiful and Sweet, Sherman

I’m staying with my parents for a while trying to help them out. My mom took a turn for the worse. C.Diff is a huge nightmare. Especially on top of cancer.

Sherman is a cat who lives next door to them. We all love him to pieces. He comes over to their house every day to get a treat and lots of love. I have never heard a cat meow so much. My cat is very quiet.

Sadly his owners are moving out of the country and are not sure if they will be able to take him. My dad who is actually very allergic to cats but so terribly fond of Sherman would love to take him in (he lives outside) but this is not the time to take on someone else who needs to be taken care of. We are going to miss him so very much. I only see him every so often when I visit from out of town but I am so attached to him. My dogs and cat would not be happy if I took him so that is not possible even though I have thought about it.

His owners are making every effort to find him a great home and had hoped the people who are going to rent their house would keep him but it seems they are not cat people 😦




And that dirty car you see just behind Sherman is the only dirty thing you will find at my parents house. My wonderful dad is doing everything in his power to keep this house up to my mom’s impeccably clean standards. I will wash the car as soon as I get a chance.