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Phun With Photoshop


Is anyone else having trouble with their photos in WordPress?  I have enlarged mine and they are still showing up too small.







I’m Feeling a Little Blue


I think this piece is from The Welsh Beaker Company but I am not sure. If anyone knows anything about it please let me know. From the very little that I was able to discover on the internet The Welsh Beaker Company is no longer in business. There is no stamp or signature of any kind on the bottom of this piece and the only thing similar that I could find on e-bay were four mugs also with a ship called Wanderer on them. I do have this for sale on e-bay. There is not a chip on it which is amazing. If it doesn’t sell I will be very happy to keep it for myself.


This beautiful blue plate is Churchill made in Staffordshire England. I met a wonderful woman in the thrift store who wanted to tell me all about the pottery, dinnerware etc. Fabulous! I listened and followed her around as she told about anything we saw there that was worth talking about. I think she said she had worked in several antique stores plus she was on the older side. She said this particular brand was a notch down from Blue Willow. Oh I would love to have some Blue Willow. I would love to have my grandmother’s Blue Willow but I have no idea where that is. I’m not normally a huge fan of the color blue unless I am wearing it but this piece is so quite cheery against my yellow walls so it stays with me.



I also really like these two little white and blue, Blue Heritage (made in England) saucers and they will go on the wall with other as soon as I get some more plate hangers. The cute little Eskimo plate is a collectible from Royal Copenhagen for Mother’s Day. It is on e-bay as well.

These next two pieces are made by a company called Salmon Falls, the top piece is the Blue Vine pattern and the bottom piece is the Berry Vine pattern.





I think these little blue cups may be by Corel not sure. I like their delicateness.


Last but not least in the blue mood is this beautiful earthen mug. I could not read the stamp on the bottom so I have no idea if it is from a set or handcrafted by someone. I just love it’s luster. I love that you can see the smooth earthy clay but it’s shiny at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds, rustic and not. There is just something about it. It is also on e-bay but I will be glad to keep this one as well. If anyone knows anything about let me know!



Out There

Ready For An Egg

Peacock Inspired Shirt From Goodwill Best Thrift Ever

I love it! I consider this to be my best Goodwill find ever. It is 100 % silk although I am sure if it’s Peta approved to wear silk anymore. Do they really make those little worms work like slaves and steal their silk? I didn’t go looking for silk, I just came upon it. I certainly wasn’t going to pass the shirt up I found it. So I am very sorry to the worms who made this shirt. You did a beautiful job. My photo does not do it proper justice.

Easter Inspiration Painting

I woke up to a most beautiful day and went straight outside and started painting. The painting morphed several times into different subjects until it finally showed its true colors. I knew it was right when my heart felt light and happy but also realized the sadness involved. When I could sense God weeping for his only Son that he sacrificed for us so that we could have eternal life.

After I was happy with the background I laid this little twig against the painting. I liked the way it looked but didn’t want to attach it to the painting. The little twig is a dogwood tree that I tried to transplant from my son’s yard to mine. It was never happy after being moved. My husband thought I had told him to chop it down and after he did I felt so sad about the little dogwood. So I am thrilled that I was able to use in my painting after all. I laid it against the painting and painted the shadow of it.

It was so beautiful outside, I was inspired by all of the sun, greenery and bits of pink flowers that I could see.

These are close ups of the painting since they are a little difficult to see in the large picture.

The canvas which is actually a 27 x 23 piece of plywood. I leaned it against an old lawn chair because I knew I would be using a waterbottle to spray it as I worked on it.

This may be available in my Etsy Shop later. I hope you all have/had a fabulous, grateful and thought provoking Easter Sunday.

Optical Illusion-3/D manipulation

Just playing around with this photo and it looks to me like it pops in a 3-D way. I keep wanting to touch it. It almost seems as if it was knitted at one moment or cut from paper the next.

Blue and Gold Danglys


The Christmas Jay

A sheet of four that may be used as bookmarks, gift tags, cards or for scrapbooking purposes. Watermark will not be on your purchase. This can be found on my Etsy site.