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Phun With Photoshop


Is anyone else having trouble with their photos in WordPress?  I have enlarged mine and they are still showing up too small.







Dog Watercolor – Luna

I would love to show you the photograph that I painted this picture from as it might make more sense if you saw it but I can’t do that as I stupidly, accidentally deleted it! So just to let you know the original was full of shadow and contrast and slighly blurry. It had a certain electric quality to it and a pop that I really liked. But you will have to take my word for it.


Necklace from an inner tube? Yes!

This is what the other grammie made.

Isn’t that neat?! How creative. It looks great with a black shirt. Here is her Etsy link.

Sorry, it’s a little gross.

Blue Lightning

Look at what my grammie made me wear!

Bird Dog

Got It!

When enemies become friends