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Ready For An Egg

Shop Local and/or Small

Buy a hat. Eccentric Owl’s mom makes beautiful hats. Everyone needs a hat.

The Christmas Jay

A sheet of four that may be used as bookmarks, gift tags, cards or for scrapbooking purposes. Watermark will not be on your purchase. This can be found on my Etsy site.

Tres Beautiful

I saw this at Pier One a few days ago. One day maybe I will show you a replicated one.

A quick paper bird hanging sculpture tutorial

Make a lot on using different papers and hang at different heights. You will have your flock of birds.

Sorry, I have been away.

Back now. 😦

Casualty of the storm

This poor beautiful mother American Robin was found two doors down in my neighbor’s yard, on its last leg I might say. Poor thing it was so stressed and scared. It had a broken left leg and even sadder she had sat so desperately on the nest during the storm that she squashed her egg. I can just imagine her with her claws digging into the nesting material with all their little scrawny might. The wind howling and hail raining down her for a good solid 30 minutes. Maybe she had a heart attack and then was blown from the nest. We looked around and didn’t find an empty nest. Although I did quite unexpectedly find one in my yard today. At first I thought for sure it must have belonged to her but I don’t think so. That seems too far away and the wind was blowing the other direction. She wouldn’t have been out flying in that horrible mess. First here is the beautiful sweet American Robin who died in my hands. All I can think is at least it didn’t die being eaten by a cat.

I was so surprised when I found this nest today right outside my kitchen window. I am always looking out of this window how could I not have seen a bird building this. It’s large and very well made. I am so impressed with it. There has never been a nest in this clump of shrubs before it’s more like a landing ground in mid-flight. A little layover spot.

Inverted Tree Trunk

I couldn’t figure out what to do with this photo of a tree trunk. It had a lot of what I am assuming to be woodpecker holes but I wasn’t tall enough to get a good photo of them. So I used the invert button in photoshop and it looks like an extremely damaged piece of hair. You know the ones they show on the shampoo commercials to sell you shampoo. The kind of shampoo that will give you the most powerful, rich, handsome man catching hair in the world!

As I was riding in the passenger seat of the car today I looked out of the window to my right and there was a vulture flying right along beside the car! It was an amazing and beautiful sight.  Birds are such marvelous creatures. It was a slightly overcast day so it was appropriate.

Life is as Fragile as a Whisper

I feel like the grim reaper. While out in the backyard with my dog, Darla, I saw the new little mockingbird baby sitting on the fence at ground level. I managed to snap a photo of it long before Darla ever saw it. Then I distracted Darla so she wouldn’t notice it and the mother bird would have a chance to draw it away from the fence. When I went back to the same spot it was gone. Knowing she had two babies I searched all over the area to make sure it hadn’t come on over into our yard. As I was doing that I heard a little squeak at the far end of the yard in the corner where Darla had gone. I was heartbroken knowing that Darla had discovered either the little one that I had just petted or possibly the other baby that I hadn’t seen before. Either way she was curious and either grabbed it with her mouth (she is a hound) or pawed at it and broke its little neck. I gently picked it up hoping it wasn’t too late but it was. The poor little one took its last breath in my hand as its mother watched from above. Why did she have to make her nest in the tree that was so close to my yard?! She knew about the dog. Maybe I should have titled this, Life is about Choices.