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Ten Ways To Make the World a Better Place

1. Smile for a stranger and say hi.
2. Hold the door open for someone.
3. Allow someone to go ahead of you in a line.
4.Turn your music down.
5. Surprise a few children with a new backpack full of school supplies.
6. Cut someone’s grass for them.
7. Pass out cold water bottles to homeless people where ever you see them.
8. Help a stray dog or cat. Give them food, water and shelter.
9. Buy a pre-paid gas card for someone.
10. Donate blood.

New Year Resolution Lists

Everyone is making lists and checking them twice. Not me. Lists are to be avoided like the plague. Lists get lost, thrown away, forgotten or purposely hidden. Lists cause anxiety.  They are reality staring you in the face.  A push, a shove.  A line in the sand.  However if I were going to make a list this is what it might look like:

1. Be nicer, (maybe)
2. Organize my house, (yeah right)
3. Streamline and simplify everything possible.
4. Eat healthier, (look at the ingredients on a pack of instant hot chocolate)
5. Teach my grandson to read.
6. Improve my photography skills.
7. actually study French.
9. Read God’s Word more because we are a forgetful people.
10.Walk the dog more.

There you go, ten things should be plenty to focus on for the new year.  I wish you all well on your own new years resolutions and hope you have a great new year.