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The Tulip







A dear friend of mine gave me this beautiful Tulip because of my mom’s death. That was so sweet of her especially since she is having such a difficult time in life right now. It was good to be able to talk with her about she still misses her mother after ten years and sometimes even still cries about it. I hope that I can be more of a help to her in coming months and years. It is one of my friendships from way back that I would love to renew. She is a sweet, gentle woman who is not harsh or judgemental. She did a great job homeschooling her two children and now has nine grandchildren, the lucky woman! I had the chance to meet most of them a few weeks ago and they were all a true delight to know. It was good to have a house full of kids again, all laughing and playing. I look forward to having many more fun times with them all. Thank you Dell.