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Baby Tattoo

Oh this is so funny. I found this on Etsy and just had to share this with you all. A shirt with tattoo sleeves for baby.  Sorry to Paula’s hubby, I know you won’t like it. Come on don’t you find it the least bit funny?

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay? Lie? What?

I love to watch Luna sleep.

Oh heavens this is cute!

I want one! How can anyone eat bacon or ham after seeing this?! Little bathing piggy.

Smile Darla. No I don’t want too.

Look at what my grammie made me wear!

Bird Dog

Miss Bright Eyes

This is Luna, my daughter’s dog. She and her sister Molly have been staying with me for awhile. I can’t believe how much I have come to love them. They are both so expressive and funny. You can’t tell from this photo but Luna is the goofy silly one.  She is very happy go lucky whereas her sister needs Prozac.  I really don’t want them to leave in a few weeks.

Fla. man storms onto school bus after children bully his disabled daughter | syracuse.com

Bravo! I don’t blame this man one bit! I don’t think he should have apologized for it either. What’s a parent to do when the school system won’t do anything about his child being victimized? And a disabled child at that!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More parents need to stand up and strike fear into these children’s hearts. I know that not every child on the bus was responsible for the cruel acts and he knew that too.  A parent has to do what a parent has to do. It’s true if a child can not trust that their parents will take care of them when there is no one else to defend them then who should they turn too? Three cheers for you Mr. Jones. You deserve it. Well done.

Fla. man storms onto school bus after children bully his disabled daughter | syracuse.com.