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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Ok so no lions or bears. There was a tiger but he was far away with his back turned to us. While in Roanoke, Virginia last weekend we visited a Safari Zoo. It was great! I wish I could have gotten out of the car and walked amoung the animals. They were all so beautiful and friendly. They all got along well with each other and as you will see in the first pic some were a little too uninhibited with us humans. My husband wasn’t really thrilled with his close encounter.















I Love My Dogs

Luna and Darla

Flash Movie

Ta Da! The other grammie, me and the grandson conspired to make this little ditty for your enjoyment. Actually the grandson had no idea when he was piddling around drawing that this is what his drawings would be used for, I will surprise him. The other grammie has made some nice flash movies before but has forgotten a lot. I know almost zero but I am learning. Yes we have a long ways to go.  Please click this flash animation to activate. Thank you.

Please donate if you can and pass the word along.

When you get to the part about the geese if you don’t cry or come close to it then you must not be human. I had no idea that geese were that way. It’s hearbreaking and heavenly at the same time. Thank God for these loving angels who helped these animals.


Animal atrocity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say however many times it takes. How a civilization or person treats animals is how they would treat another human. So I guess I would never ever consider travelling too Serbia. This is a terribly disturbing article about the horrible attitudes the Serbs have towards animals. There is an all out animal crisis going on here.

As evidenced in Japan it doesn’t matter what the government does or does not do, an individual can make a difference. It’s up to people not the government to help if necessary. They have no excuse for ill treatment like this excpet cold, cruel hearts.

Just a cat, just a dog or a saviour?

Anyone with children and dogs or even cats for that matter might want to save this story and share with all of your friends and family. If you aren’t as close to your pet as you should be maybe you will rethink that matter after watching this video. It could save your life or your child’s life.
Have you hugged your pet today?

Bull jumps out of ring, terrorizes crowd in Spain – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports

Bull jumps out of ring, terrorizes crowd in Spain – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports.

Why would anyone find this surprising? You endlessly torture an animal just for fun, put it through all of that pain and fear for entertainment and think it’s ok to do so.  I say BRAVO! for the bull. It’s about time.

Birthday wish granted: Fort Mill girl, 8, helps Humane Society pets | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC

This little girl is a  hero!   An animal hero.  I challenge everyone who reads this to have the same kind of birthday party, young or old.

Birthday wish granted: Fort Mill girl, 8, helps Humane Society pets | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC.