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The Dogs

buster-2 I’m very bendy, I can turn myself into a U!


Momma, these leaves smell so pretty.


You want me to look that way?

darla-2 Now you see me…


Now you don’t.

buster-3 Hi!

What The Dog Wore


Phun With Photoshop


Is anyone else having trouble with their photos in WordPress?  I have enlarged mine and they are still showing up too small.











How Could You?!

Look at this face. Look into those loving sweet eyes. How could anyone ever purposely hurt an innocent animal by using it for research? What kind of monster are you? These labs have to be hiring the kind of people who are killing machines. Is this where all of the manic serial murderers come from? They decide to stop working in a research lab torturing animals but they are so warped they turn to humans for their kicks? No dog, no animal should ever, ever be treated this way. Nothing gives you the right to do this. Nothing.

Please help these owners find their precious pet if you live in this area. Please help this beautiful, sweet creature live out the rest of his natural life with the love he deserves.


Honkey the Chicken

A Zebra? A Pig even? Of course they smile!

A horse, a horse of course. Of course all of the animals smile. And they mean it!

What a lucky duck!

Quack, quack said the duck. After he flew himself to the vet with a broken leg. This is a great story. You gotta love a smart duck.

The Flock 2

Ten Ways To Make the World a Better Place

1. Smile for a stranger and say hi.
2. Hold the door open for someone.
3. Allow someone to go ahead of you in a line.
4.Turn your music down.
5. Surprise a few children with a new backpack full of school supplies.
6. Cut someone’s grass for them.
7. Pass out cold water bottles to homeless people where ever you see them.
8. Help a stray dog or cat. Give them food, water and shelter.
9. Buy a pre-paid gas card for someone.
10. Donate blood.