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Monkey Business

This monkey business is no fun or profit for the monkeys. What makes people think they can do this to an innocent animal? What gives them the right? Has science not evolved beyond this point yet? This is intolerable. Islands around the lowlands of SC are being used to raise monkeys for research! This is no business for monkeys or any animal.

We were made higher than the animals to protect them and care for them, not use and abuse them. We have no right to do this.

Fla. man storms onto school bus after children bully his disabled daughter | syracuse.com

Bravo! I don’t blame this man one bit! I don’t think he should have apologized for it either. What’s a parent to do when the school system won’t do anything about his child being victimized? And a disabled child at that!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More parents need to stand up and strike fear into these children’s hearts. I know that not every child on the bus was responsible for the cruel acts and he knew that too.  A parent has to do what a parent has to do. It’s true if a child can not trust that their parents will take care of them when there is no one else to defend them then who should they turn too? Three cheers for you Mr. Jones. You deserve it. Well done.

Fla. man storms onto school bus after children bully his disabled daughter | syracuse.com.

Chains of Cruelty

This is the chain that was on a dog that my daughter and her boyfriend found wandering the streets. The dog weighed about twenty pounds. That chain had no business on a dog that small. Any dog for that matter. They spent three hours convincing the dog to come to them so they could give him water which he drank as if he’d been wandering in the desert for years. Notice the wire that was used to hold it together to form a crude collar. She said the dog could not even hold his head up. I pray that those evil bastards who had the dog pay for what they did. I know eventually they will but that can’t come soon enough.

Trashy Bitch – woman threw cat in trashcan


They should make her stay in a trash can for fifteen hours with no food, water or light.  Then make her serve community service by picking up trash and riding the trucks for fifteen hours.

Bull jumps out of ring, terrorizes crowd in Spain – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports

Bull jumps out of ring, terrorizes crowd in Spain – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports.

Why would anyone find this surprising? You endlessly torture an animal just for fun, put it through all of that pain and fear for entertainment and think it’s ok to do so.  I say BRAVO! for the bull. It’s about time.

A Dog Doesn’t Ask For Much

A safe place to lay his head, shelter from the weather, good food, a bone to distress with and your companionship. That’s not too much to ask in return for protection, love, loyalty, a beautiful bright smile every single day at any time of the day. Considering what a dog will provide you with, a dog doesn’t ask for much in return.

There is no gray area when it comes to animal abuse.

Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Help the downtrodden, find the lost, feed the hungry.  It applies to the animals also.  People can help themselves animals cannot.

There is mercy in repentance and judgement in rebellion – If you willfully and cold heartedly abuse an animal the bowels of hell are not good enough for you.

Cardinals defend pope on church sex abuse scandal – Yahoo! News

 We wonder why today’s children have no concept of taking responsibility for their own actions.  Everyone involved with this horrific and despicable crime is trying to pass the buck.  One day their time will come.

Cardinals defend pope on church sex abuse scandal – Yahoo! News.