Sorry to have posted absolutely nothing in a very long while. My chronic fatigue is out of hand. Those of you who don’t have it just can’t imagine. Often it is a challenge just to get a shower. Sounds crazy I know. But it’s true. If  I have to go somewhere by the time I get a shower and get dressed and put make-up on I am almost too tired to go! Since rescuing this Jack Russell I have been drinking about two cups of coffee and it only makes a small dent in my energy levels. Oftentimes it just makes me jittery. I am supposed to take a Valuim at night so I can relax but that leaves me even more drowsy the next day. I tried cutting it down to a half and that’s okish.

Of course winter makes all of this so much worse. I love to sit in the sun and bake. It makes me feel so much better! I feel like a toy whose batteries are being re-charged. I know we aren’t supposed to “bake” ourselves in the sun anymore. Don’t worry I can’t really stay in it that long at one time. I get too hot. The dogs and I go in and out of the house all day long once it’s nice enough to actually sit out for any length of time.

In the midst of my winter doom I have finally learned to knit!!!! I mean like really knit! Something other than a scarf. Here is a hat that I finished a few weeks ago.



I am now working on a sock. Yes a real sock! It might not be wearable but it will be a start. I could not be more thrilled. Pics of that later.

And yes Buster the Jack Russell is not the appropriate dog for someone with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue but sometimes things come into your life and you just have to deal with it. Inspite of him being the completely wrong type of dog for us and our lifestyle we love him to bits! It is draining even more of the little energy that I have and stealing any of the extra sleep that I am used to getting. It has provided more play for our dogs while at the same time caused them more aggravation. It’s really like having a wild, deranged goat around. A very entertaining, sweet, loving, cute but wild, deranged goat.

He loves our other two dogs so very much and is so happy to be part of the pack. Whenever I put food out he won’t eat until they come to eat. He will run to get them as if to say “come on guys! mom put our food out!” He runs to get them to go outside if they aren’t already there beside him. He is beside himself with joy if one of them lets him snuggle with them in bed at night.

So I have been very busy doing nothing, knitting and trying to entertain Buster. Hopefully I can post more pics soon and if you are a knitter I have a great book to recommend. Well actually any book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  Even if you are not a knitter I think you would enjoy her book Free-Range Knitter. She is hysterical! You might actually want to take up knitting after reading her book if you don’t already know how.

Hope you all stay well and have a great day!

Ice, Ice Baby

This is what it looked like here in upper South Carolina, on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.






Five o’clock was the time it was supposed to start but it decided to come early. So it started at two o’clock and continued through the night. There was a lot more on the ground during the night at about three o’clock.

When the dogs first went out they didn’t know what to think. Being the brave souls that they are they jumped right on it and went about their business. Then set to running around in it. I think realizing that they can go back into a warm house and bed makes it ok to let go and frolic in it.

Most of is gone now but they are calling for thunder snow today which I understand can produce a lot of snow in a short amount of time. The eastern sky seems to clearing up though so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Stay warm and be happy!

Part Of The Pack, Part Of Our Hearts

Buster belongs to us now. We can’t imagine giving him up. Well ok sometimes I do imagine it. Just for a minute. While he is jumping up and down and up and down in front of me. When he is racing through our small house threatening to knock over lamps. Whenever we come home and find that we stupidly left a glass sitting out and now the contents are all over the carpet. Along with a cigarette butt ( not mine) meaning he hate the other half! And a spoon, a wet napkin and my husband’s reading glasses.

I think of it when he chases the cat up onto the washing machine and I see the look of hate in her eyes. Actually they aren’t doing that bad together most of the time.

I think about it when I wake up in the middle of a dog tiff in the middle of the bed with all three! Or when he won’t stop his yappy, very loud bark to ask the other two to please play with him. Or when he makes them mad by constantly nipping at them and bumping them to play.

I especially think about it whenever he wakes us up at eight-thirty and we are used to getting up at maybe eleven o’clock. And he doesn’t just get up. He starts jumping and running and playing! And he wants us to do those things also. The other two dogs don’t want to do that anymore than I do. Often times I have laid in the bed with him beside me while I dangle a chew toy rope for him to play with. All the while my eyes are shut. It buys me a few minutes. Once in a while he will lay there and chew his Nyla bone and then fall back to sleep from boredom. Not often though.


Then there are the times that he melts my heart. Laying in bed at night with him all snuggled up next to me like a newborn baby. He wants me to rub his little tummy. He looks at me with those big funny eyes. And gives me big, sloppy, happy kisses.

I love to see him running like a lightening bolt around the yard chasing one of the other two dogs in exuberant play that they haven’t engaged in for many years. He mostly does this with Darla. She loves it. She will come up to me laughing as if to say, “I’m having so much fun mommy!”

I love the tender little moments when he is so happy to be part of the pack like when one of them lets him snuggle up to them in bed. Or if he has a bad dream and one of them checks on him. Often when they are playing and he gets reprimanded by one dog, the other dog will jump to his aid.

Last night I saw him bring Luna’s favorite, purple ball to her, lay it down beside her and then touch her paw with his as if to say, “let’s play.” It just melted my heart.

It amazes me how fast he learns new things. How to sit and shake. Especially for a morning treat when he does not really need to pee. How to lick the number one dogs ears because number two does it. How to get the food out of his food puzzle toy. He learned to play Frisbee and the other two never have.

It is really like having a lovable, adorable, jumping, bumping, bouncing, running Tigger! Winnie The Pooh would be more our speed but oh well we will manage. Or loose our minds eventually.

Dogs-1 A rare moment of stillness. They are looking at the woodpecker on the tree. Buster a.k.a  The Flash, Lightening Bolt, Tigger, Speedy González, Yappy, Crazy Dog, Little Man is the one in the middle.


Woodpecker Morning




Tuesday January 27, 2015

buster-1-for-blog We named him Buster. We should have named him Digger.






“Momma, I didn’t want a little brother”


“Just look at what he did to the yard momma!”


Darla says, “You mean you will help me dig bigger holes?!”



Wednesday January 15, 2015

elephant-1 I decided to try some paper cutting again using the book Kirigami by Jeffrey Rutzky. This was supposed to be an elephant. Oops! I may have been asleep when I tried it.

elephant-2 So I made another attempt.

elephant-3 Yeah!

Next I wanted to try my hand at changing it so I added a ball to the design and changed the elephant a little bit.


elephant-4 Cool, it worked!


Monday, January 12, 2015

sweet-peace I love to watch him sleep.