Dog A Day Photo

I would love to commit to A Dog A Day Photo series but with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue that is not likely to happen, so lets just say A Dog Once In A While.  I would love to learn how to take really great dog photos. I have read that in order to get better at any type of photography it should be practiced every day. I’ll do what I can. And I will have fun.

Luna-20 This is Luna, she is a little shy.

Dog Photos


I was using treats to help me get interesting photos of the dogs.  I was giving them out one at a time.  A photo, a treat. They weren’t crazy about this new system. Buster on the right just had to show off that he got the first treat.



Buster displaying very bad sportsmanship!

The Evil One


Scripture says the evil one roams the earth as a hungry lion looking for those he may destroy and devour. Those who are not strong and rooted in the love of God’s son Jesus Christ. When I saw this worm eating one of my tomatoes this image came to me.

The position of the map is completely random.

The Yellow One




Tissue Paper Dress For Barbie


barbie-2 This dress is made from paper wrapping tissue but I would like to use fabric one day to create either a human dress or a Barbie one.  I was inspired by the following on Pinterest.





Just For A Moment In Time