To Regret or Not? That is the Question.

Last week I blew up and walked out on a decent job. Not the best job ever but it was doable even though it aggravated many aspects of my Fibromyalgia everyday. The hours were ok for me and it wasn’t too far from home although the pay was low. It was the most boring job ever but sometimes almost Zen in an odd sort of way.

There was nepotism involved. Almost every one who worked there had worked either together or in the industry for over twenty years except me. So there was also a slight bit of me being an outsider involved. There was a little bit of bullying also from another worker who I only saw for a few hours every night.

So when someone stole some items from me and the supervisor saw and did nothing because of nepotism that lit the fuse. Then when I made the same mistake as the plant manager and the morning supervisor and got the not so royal treatment we shall say and they didn’t well the fuse burned a lot hotter. I still let some things slide. Then all hell broke loose and nepotism reared it’s ugly head like a giant roaring two headed dragon.

The fuse reached the target and blew like the biggest volcano ever seen! I told the supervisor in no uncertain terms at the top of my lungs where everyone could hear (just like she had scolded me) that she was the worst supervisor I had ever had and stormed out.

There are others who feel exactly as I did and would love to do the same but don’t feel they have the option that I did. Some just bulldoze their way around all day making everyone share their frustration and others just internalize it and keep quiet just doing their job.

So exactly how much should one ignore at work? How long should one be the bigger person? I have moments where I regret doing what I did. Mainly because I hate change. I know I can find another job maybe even one that will be much better but I have to deal with the change. I realize that it would be no big deal to some people but to me it is. A little bit anyway. My daughter is strong. I told her I was going to wait until my back felt better because I really threw it out a couple of weeks ago and have been in pain since then. Her response was, “No you aren’t, you’re going to get right back out there and find another job!” She doesn’t want me to stay one the ground but to get back on the horse. She knows me all too well. I do have a few projects that I am going to finish before I go looking though.

I have wondered if my feelings were also somewhat fueled by the fact that it was 9/15 and I had stewed on the stolen things for days. Days after watching the 9/11 stories on T.V. all day and night. And 9/11 a few years ago is when my mom passed.

So what are your thoughts? Supposedly I have about 190 something followers on this blog so I would like to hear from you all about similar experiences at work. What jobs have you left? What was it that pushed you into action? What was the straw that broke that camel’s back? Did you regret standing up for yourself and leaving in a storm of words that can never be taken back?



We Went To See The Horses

My grandson and I went to see the horses that live about a mile down the road from me.  He had a new phone and I thought it would be a great chance for him to take some pics with it. He did a great job but I don’t have any of his photos.

These first two horses are always so gentle and sweet. They have been together for quite some time. I think they might be used for special needs children to ride on.


This little fellow was so cute and tiny! But he was quite the spitfire.



My pics are not so great this time but oh well, better luck next time.


I tried to do a free lens photo but didn’t manage, but I still kind of like the pic.


Horses move fast!


This little bull is very gentle and love to be petted. And that is where I stepped in fire ants! Time to go home.


This cute little thing is the security cat. He followed us the entire time.


We had a great time hanging out and talking about our photos and the animals.


A Great Magazine and More Photos

I mentioned Artful Blogging Magazine in my last post but I failed to tell you which issue I had gained my free lens information from. It is the Aug/Sep/Oct 2016 issue which will be on display until 10/31/16. The full title is Artful Blogging Visually Inspiring Online Journals. I love this magazine! It is packed with inspiring photos and great articles. I don’t have a subscription but I am thinking about getting one. I find the price to be a little steep at $59.99 for four issues a year. I guess it’s just the lump sum that is hard to swallow but I just realized I have paid that much all together for various magazines in the last two months! I am a magazineaholic.


So I went back and re-read the article that Sarah Rhodes had written on her blog, A Beautiful Mess trying to see if I missed something or not as I am finding it very difficult as did Erin Hensley from the article in Artful Blogging. Erin finally mastered it very well may I say! Below are more of my free lens photos as well as one reverse lens and some attached lens photos.












I hope you enjoyed these and will give it a try.





Lens play

This is a reverse lens photo.


I took the lens off of my camera and turned it around then got very close to this wasp or hornet, I don’t know which it is.  It never bothered me as I took quite a few shots. Below is a regular shot with the lens attached as it should be.

full-waspNext are free lens photos. Again I take the lens off of the camera but I don’t turn it around. I just hold it out a very slight bit and then tilt it either forwards or backwards, right or left hoping to find the sweet spot. It doesn’t always happen but I like the results even so. I usually don’t even know until I look at the photos on the computer screen.


So this one with the two dogs didn’t really work out but I still like it. The next few I consider a success!




These shots of the clouds are regular shots with the lens attached. Last night the clouds and sun were painting some of the most beautiful scenes ever!




Below is an afternoon shot of a yummy cloud.


So won’t you give the free lens and reverse lens a try? It’s great fun and you can’t really mess up. Sometimes the mess ups are nice as well. I had already heard about reverse lens photography but not free lens until I read the latest edition of Artful Blogging Magazine.

I just found a wonderful tutorial on how to free lens at the blog, A Beautiful Mess.

Everything you need to know! I will be reading it as well since the original information I read wasn’t very detailed. Sorry I tried to link to the magazine and blog but it is not working.






A Vision

As I was sitting at my table at work yesterday in the dull gray warehouse, I opened a box that had a large piece of crumpled white paper as a space holder. Poof! A vision was born.

I immediately grabbed the tape dispenser and put a piece of tape on the back of my big crumpled white paper and stuck as high on the wall next to me as I could.

The important thing here is that there are no windows on this wall. A wall that is probably twenty-five feet high maybe and one hundred feet long. Just dull gray concrete. The dry wall portions of this room that are behind me only go so high. The rest is darkness with all manner of cables and wires running to different places. As I look out in front of me I see industrial printing and sorting machines and to the  right shelves four sets deep of papers, boxes and all sorts of related items. At the very end are bay doors that are opened once in a while for a truck to load or unload. So there are no windows and not a lick of color anywhere.

So  I after I found my one piece of white paper I was on the hunt for more. I ended up with three pieces and had them all stuck on the wall. That is as far as my vision got at that point even though I knew it was going to represent a window scene. A desperate need to somehow be connected to the outdoors.

First my supervisor who sits behind me wanted to know what on earth was on the wall. Then slowly over time more people drifted over as there work or questions brought them by and they all wanted to know what on earth was that on the wall. I would have been thrilled if even one person had guessed giant spit balls! But no, not one person could come up with anything. That is until the plant manager walked right by and said, “it’s obviously clouds.” Yes!!! I was so excited. I gave him the two fingers from my eyes to his letting him know that we are on the same wave length. So there is another living, breathing human being with an imagination working there. I was afraid that I was completely surrounded by Zombies.

Over the course of the day there was much discussion of my clouds. Maybe certain people in the front office wouldn’t like them being there. Really? It’s a concrete wall! I’m sure not hurting it. Front office will say you should have been working. Hmmm lets see it took about five seconds to make and I’m not a doctor working on a patient. And they don’t know if I did it on my break, or during lunch or before I clocked in.

Then I scrounged more things to further my “view.”  I did this as I was going about my work. It’s a very laid back work place. I have to go pick up stuff out of boxes to bring back to my table. I have to take boxes to the huge recycling box. And isn’t recycling a huge deal nowadays? So I’m recycling as well as creating art. I found a cardboard lid that had green on the edges that could have been grass. A blue plastic bag that could have been a lake. And some strips of plastic that would have made rain. One person in particular said the plastic strips would be ugly. Ok then. Yee people of no vision.

So I came home and proceeded to make a small version of a similar scene that I will mount onto cardboard and hang by my table with Command tabs. So below is what I ended up with and then the next one is what I did with it in Photoshop. I might actually print that one, frame it and hang it by my table.



Just a few pics













If you like the photos with the diffused/fog like look it is very easy to do. Take a plastic sandwich baggie and cut the end off then slip it over your lens. You can then move the bag around as you like letting just a bit hang over into the lens view. Just play around with it a bit to get the feel of it. It’s a lot of fun!