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No way, I couldn’t live without a car for a year

Despite living in the middle of town I don’t live close enough to a grocery store, library (anymore), or anything of any importance to be able to walk too. If city leaders want to revitalize main street America then that’s where they should build those amenities. Not the off-hand knick- knack stores they put there now.

Think about all of the suburbs that could use these things to make the world a better place. If everyone had these things within walking distance then a lot individual cars could be eliminated. Build more amenities in smaller sizes. Not the pricey fancy little fake towns that are so popular right now. Those are not for the average middle class person.

There will still be people who will have to have a car to get around. People who live out in the countryside.  A lot of progress could be gained in this area if the ones in charge would think logically about the problem.

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If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

open the largest and best no kill animal shelter of all time. i have it all planned out and one day if i win the lottery it would bring me the greatest joy to start building it. It would be a real home not just a lot of cold hard cages.