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Horse and Carrots



I knew that I had not painted the right kind of leaves on the carrots and that was fine with me but I did think that I had made enough leaves and in the right places. I have walked by this painted a million times a day and just now when I took the photograph did I notice that I needed leaves hanging down on the yellow part of the wall. So strange the tricks our eyes can play on us.

Bring me sunshine!!!!!!

You may have already seen this but I hadn’t so maybe you haven’t either. Be prepared to get up and dance! Smile! And be happy!

If I were a boy

I’m not a huge music fan but this caught my eye and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you. The house in this video is amazing and the dress is stunning. Of course Reba sounds good inspite of the accent. Hope you enjoy, If I were a boy.–221548639