Thrifted Ethnic Dresses

2 I love this dress/tunic but it is too small so I will try to adjust it too fit me.


It does however fit my model, the lovely Miss M.

11 Actually none of them fit me but they were all so pretty I did not want to leave them at the store. This one I will probably give to my four-year old granddaughter to have for dress up. Knowing her she will belt it and wear it like nobody’s business!

6 Miss M and Molly.


9 Yes I know, some of my photos are blurry. Sorry. I wish this one had long sleeves, it would make a great jacket.



Molly says, “Now point your feet straight.”




15 We had a great time!

One response to “Thrifted Ethnic Dresses

  1. I love ethnic dresses! I call them BoHo Chic…earthy, different, free flowing. The older I get the more I love the diversity.

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