Making Jewelry

My mother in law and I have been learning about the best colors to wear according our skin tones. As in the book from the eighties called, Color Me Beautiful. The color information still applies just not the fashions in the book of course! I also have another very interesting book called The Color of Style by David Zyla that takes matters a bit farther. He says we all have a particular color that suits us as individuals to attract love, enhance our power, restore our energy, make a lasting impression and show the world who we really are.

So my mother in law has really taken to this in a big way much to my surprise. She wore a sweater the other day that I had never seen her wear before in a color that was definitely her color! I have never, ever seen her look so good. I was absolutely shocked by it. She positively glowed and looked so well rested, healthy and happy.

Since we can’t run out and buy all new clothes in one trip we are trying to add accessories in our colors to expand our wardrobes as best we can. So I decided to make her a necklace in similar colors to those of the sweater she looked so good in. Here is the result.


I have bought a lot of beading and jewelry making supplies over the past years but never quite managed to make anything nice. I always bought willy nilly and never had a plan in mind. And as they say, if you fail to plan you plan to fail! So true. This time I pulled out one of my beading magazines and found a source of inspiration and followed a plan.


This is the March 2008, Volume 6 Issue 2 of BeadStyle magazine.


I already had a large aqua colored medallion that I wasn’t going to use for myself and realized that was perfect for her necklace.


So this is my first official piece of jewelry that has been properly made according to directions. I think she will love it and I already have another planned for her. Her husband passed away about eleven years ago so it is nice to see her getting some zest for life back after so long. I keep telling her that we should find her a special “friend.”  She doesn’t know that she is ready. Maybe whilst she is wearing her proper colors a special “friend” will be drawn to her.



3 responses to “Making Jewelry

  1. This is what i’ve been talking about! Creativity to the max! I love making jewelry..although I havent made a piece and own no beads or wire. Its something I hope to do someday. Friends of mine make the most smashing pieces to go with every outfit. I love that!

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