Mr.-Owl-for-blog  Mr. Owl

Loved Mr. Busy Pants!

Boy oh boy is this dog giving me a run for my money! I feel as if I have a set of newborn twins, a set toddler triplets and a set of quadruplet teenagers! He wakes up all re-wound and ready to go at the speed of light whereas my dogs and I wake up late and slow.

One person has finally called to see if it was their dog and it wasn’t. I can not believe how many missing dogs there are. It is astounding and very sad. I know a lot of them are being stolen from yards and even from cars when they are left in parking lots. I hate to see a dog left in a car while an owner is inside shopping. They are not happy like that and it is too dangerous. It takes nothing to break a car window and steal a dog.

I am trying to find any way that I can to entertain this little booger as I can’t walk as much as he would need. So I have put food into a box with holes in it and food into empty, slightly squashed soda bottles and a stuffed toy. Right now they are all entertained. He is getting my dogs to run and play more in the backyard which is a great thing. But they just are not used to his level of energy. And neither am I! But he is so precious. His little peanut head and bug eyes. So adorable.

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