Psychics, Mediums, Readers

While most of us don’t believe in the abilities of these people sometimes it might seem tempting to just give it a try or to think what could it hurt. Well it could hurt a lot.

You aren’t being told the truth. Your loved one didn’t really say whatever you are told. God tells us in His Word not to have anything to do with psychics, mediums and readers.

So you might stay away from them but how are they fooling so many people? How do they make it look like the real deal? If you look up Cold reading on Wikipedia it tells you all about it. Cold readings, Warm readings, Shotgunning, Barnum Statements and the Rainbow ruse. So read up people, don’t be fooled! Knowledge is power!

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article.

6 responses to “Psychics, Mediums, Readers

  1. I have a very good friend who is also an intuitive. Not a card reader, not a psychic — she is someone who just has the gift of “knowing.” Somehow she can sense what is going on in your life and what lies beneath your shell. She hits the mark more than I can believe. She believes we ALL have that ability, but most of us reason ourselves out of what is the truth. Some are just more sensitive than others. I’m sorry if you had a bad experience. But you are right; there are con artists everywhere. Not only in those positions, either.

  2. Mostly, I agree with you.

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