Moth Beauty

Moths are so beautiful yet delicate. They really should not be handled as I did this one. If you must for whatever reason handle a moth put in your hand a cotton ball or something similar soaked in a solution of sugar-water 1-4 ratio and let the moth come to it. Just like a butterfly its wings should never be touched.



Oh and they pee just like any other creature, not something I ever really thought about.



I went outside later and found that it had a wound that looked as if a bird had tried to peck at it so I gently picked it up and laid it in the this potted plant where it would be safe to die in peace instead of being eaten alive. After awhile another moth just like it came in and rested beside it. It stayed there with it for most of the day as if it were trying to comfort a dying loved one. I don’t know enough about moths to know if that is indeed the case or not. I would sure like to think so. The injured moth appeared to stroke the other moth as if to say “thank you”. I noticed today that the non-injured one was gone. At the time I looked anyway. Maybe it is off getting food.  In the photo the moth on the right is the non-injured one.







Such amazing beauty our Lord God created for us to enjoy. Praise Him all creatures great and small.

Check out Apronhead-Lilly to read of her lovely job as a foster mom to a baby hummingbird.

15 responses to “Moth Beauty

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  2. What a beautiful story, beautifully told. I was truly touched by your kindness and enlightened to learn of the comforting behavior of moths. It is a reminder not to kill bugs.

      • You’re welcome! By the way, I didn’t mean to imply that moths are just bugs. Those are beautiful specimens. I just think about bugs a lot. They want to live just as much as we do. I’m always relocating spiders. They aren’t pretty bugs, but they really want to live too. 🙂

      • Oh my you relocate spiders?! Yikes! I am so scared of them. Funny that I like moths and let them crawl on me. Ok well sometimes yes I do feel bad about killing spiders and bugs. If I can safely remove then I do.

      • I’m a bit afraid of them, but I use gigantic wads of tissue and gently enclose them then toss the whole wad outside the front door. I don’t go far because they are usually in the tub and I discover them when I’m already undressed so I have to open the door, stay behind it, and fling. Then the spiders crawl out and build webs over the door and around the kitchen windows. But now I have so many in our entry way. They are awesome for eating flies and mosquitoes, but they are creepy for visitors. I vacuumed them once but that really defeats the purpose of saving them in the first place. So what I”m going to try is getting a ladder and getting up there and somehow knocking them into a bell jar, putting a lid on the jar and taking them somewhere else, then vacuuming the webs. They are going to be hard to knock into the jar, though, because they will latch onto whatever I’m using. I’m going to try it and blog about it (if I succeed). When I do, I’ll link back to this moth post so you can see it! 🙂 I already have a title: Life, death, and housekeeping… or Life, spiders and housekeeping. What do you think?

      • Ok now what about a long, long line of ants in your kitche? 🙂

      • I think I’d have to kill them. It’s not that I never do, but I try not to. I moved the spiders. It was scary but not that hard at all.

  3. amazing photograph thank you for sharing it

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