Afresheet, Interesting, Weird…You Decide

I just saw this product over on The Decorologist blog and it is well lets say different. A sheet with pull off layers. Seven pull off layers for a clean fitted sheet. Watch the video below.


At first it does seem really odd but think about how that might just work for children especially after they get sick in the middle of the night or while they are potty training. Also how about the elderly or someone very ill that shouldn’t be moved a lot. I think this guy just might be on to something even if it does seem a little strange at first.

If you think it’s a great idea then chip in a little help the guy out. It might just be your sick kids bed that is easier to change in the middle of the night one night thanks to him.

5 responses to “Afresheet, Interesting, Weird…You Decide

  1. Brilliant idea wonder where he got that idea from…genius

  2. I wonder what it feels like with that waterproof coating?

    • I don’t think it would feel as bad as we might think. Probably kind of like the linning of a diaper. I feel like I have seen the material that it might be made out of somewhere but I can’t think of it right this minute. Oh yes maybe like an Always Feminine Pad. You know it’s kind of slick but not slippery.

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