Cole The Rescue Dog and Eddie’s Wheels

It’s a good thing. No. It’s a great thing!!! Here you can read the story of Cole a beautiful, sweet little rescue dog and how a fabulous company called Eddie’s Wheels helped with his great new life.

Thanks Kimberly for being an animal hero!
(Photo by his owner)

My granddog Rudie whom I love so very, very much has been stricken with a herniated disc and can’t walk or get around because her back legs are paralyzed. So it was great to find this company. If she isn’t better within a few month she will have to have one of these wheelchairs. The surgery to repair her disc would be $4000! And it would be horrible to put her down because of this. She is the most gentle, loving and sweet dog that I have ever met. So well-behaved and easy-going. She rides in the car like a dream and always thinks that grammie has come over to take her for a ride. Sometimes when I baby sit her I take her for a ride to entertain her so when I go over she always runs to my car. I love to play frisbee with her, she is fantastic at it. It is so sad to think she won’t be able to play anymore. Even if she recovers she won’t be able to run or jump like that in case she would re-injure her disc.


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  1. Best of luck to Rudie!

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