Old Treasure – McCall’s Needlework & Crafts 1963-64


These old magazines are so much fun to look through. Some things like the crazy tiger stripe dress the lady is wearing on the cover of this one is certainly funny but many good treasures can be found inside if only ones that are memories.




I may post more photos from the magazine in a day or two. If anyone is interested in purchasing this copy let me know. It will of course be first come, first serve.

4 responses to “Old Treasure – McCall’s Needlework & Crafts 1963-64

  1. I can remember years ago that my Mom had a book of knitting patterns. One of the items was a knitted swim suit….can you just imagine that when it got wet!!!
    Looking at old books is amazing at some of the fashions long ago…quite weird in comparison to modern day but you never can tell…they could be fashionable again one day..except knitted swimming costumes

  2. And I thought today’s fashions were “out there.” Thanks for the share, Linda.

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