Alyssa Milano You Are A Hero!!!!!

Alyssa saved a dog’s life because she refused to look the other way and not say anything. She is doing good with the money she earns. In this article by Yahoo Shine you can read about how she saved a Jindo mix named Bomi whose was living a horrid life destined to become someone’s meal.

Yes I have heard a thousand time over “you can’t save the world”. Guess what? I don’t believe that. I never will. If everyone would just do their part, large or small we could save the world. All it takes is for someone to speak up. For someone to step up. For someone to be brave. For someone to care. For someone to be willing to walk up to the fence to give a dog extra food or water or a loving pat.

Don’t keep silent. Don’t turn a blind eye. Several dogs in my area have been helped during this horrible cold spell by people who were brave enough to speak up and or step up.

Alyssa Milano you are an animal hero!

2 responses to “Alyssa Milano You Are A Hero!!!!!

  1. That is indeed a wonderful ‘tail’….here in Bulgaria we have that same fight everyday. Currently I am trying to expose a dog trafficking ring which is exporting 40 dogs every month taken from the City Dog Pound And shipped to uk where they are sold for £500 each. I believe that they are being used for dog fighting…. trouble is there are no names, no information just a report from a reliable source.
    it would be great if everyone did their bit but for some it is easier to turn away
    Great story about a beautiful dog and I agree that dhe is a hero..but what of the others left behind.Who will save them?

    • Hopefully her story will shed light on the others left behind. And you too are an animal hero! Keep trying girl. Maybe you could contact the police in the UK. And whip out a camera and spy, very carefully. Pretend you are sightseeing. The world is such a dreadful place.

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