Be Brave, Just Do Something!

I adore this story! The Homeless Coder

A man who had knowledge was willing to share it. He completely changed someone’s life because he was kind enough to share what he had. He was not worried about someone else becoming better than he was or making more money or getting ahead of him. He shared from his heart and changed a life. That is a huge deal. That is a good man. A great human being.

How can you help someone? Just do it!

3 responses to “Be Brave, Just Do Something!

  1. I does not even have to be a huge actual deed…a smile to a stranger can change someones life.Holding a door open for the person following…Maybe they would do neither of these things for you but if you are a Child of God, then we all know that it is better to give than to receive

  2. You are so very right misswhiplash! Give from whatever you have. And a smile is always the best place to start. 🙂

  3. Knowing what’s going on in our world, this man is truly honorable, admirable and yes, a great generous Human example for all of us. We need more people that are humble, giving, selfless, kind, a true positive light for others.

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