I Made a Neck Tie!


Since my mom passed away last month I have been sewing a lot. Something she tried to teach me when I was young but it didn’t go well. Now I have sewn a neck tie. I feel so accomplished! I had never even thought about sewing one. It’s one of those things you just buy in the store. I made this one for my grandson because at my mom’s funeral someone admired his tie. He told them it wasn’t a “real” tie like theirs because it was a clip on. So grandma to the rescue! I just happened to find this great tutorial by Molly over at The Purl Bee.



The fabric was 9.99 a yard at Hancock Fabrics and of course I had to have a yard. Well only because I am new to sewing and had no idea what I was doing. The fabric was not 54 wide as was called for. So I had to draw the pattern out double and then lay it flat to cut it instead of cutting it on the fold. So now I have enough fabric to make my nephew one also.

13 responses to “I Made a Neck Tie!

  1. sewing and making things has never been my thing, but when I was expecting my daughter Rebecca in 1973 I did make myself a black maternity dress which I was pleased with…then I made a pair of satin black skin tight trousers which were ok……then a few years ago I tried to make some shorts..complete disaster and I reckon if I look far enough I’d find the material shoved away somewhere…
    So I have good reason to admire what you have done..trying to please a teenager is bad enough but to please him with what you have made is fantastic! so well done…what’s next I wonder?

    • I can’t believe I am actually making things that can be worn in public! Twenty something years ago my mom and I made the same dress for my daughter and lets just say that mine looked awful. I have sewn a few super easy messy quilts but nothing of note. So what’s next is a dress for my granddaughter. I have already made a test one out of scrap material and it came out quite nice. Haven’t posted the pic yet but I keep meaning too. I am very excited about the real one with the beautiful fall fabric and the one I am going to make out of a womans skirt! I can sew! I can sew!

  2. Very cool! Lucky young man to have such a fun and talented mom. 🙂

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