A Bird in a Spiderweb?


Yes that is what I found last night over the front door. It was a baby dove. Now the spiderweb was stuck to it pretty good. I used a stick to remove it and I could feel that it was stuck. I had to pry at it two or three times. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was worried that the spider had killed the poor little bird. But it flew off as I was on the third brush with the stick. I never touched the bird just the web. The photo is terrible and that is pretty much how I saw it first. I really couldn’t tell what it even was. It was very creepy looking!

These spider webs are getting to be a little much. When they start trapping birds that is a little scary.

8 responses to “A Bird in a Spiderweb?

  1. Poor wee bird..its a good thing that you were able to get it free. The web looks very strong.what type of spider is it..a tarrantular !,,, l expect that the more the dove struggled then the more it gone entangled…well done..a virtual gold medal for saving the life of one of God, s creatures

  2. I’ve never seen such a thing before. It is pretty weird. My daughter commented recently that we’ve been seeing more spider webs than usual around our garden. At first we thought to leave them be. But with them proliferating…I’m not so sure. 😦

  3. That’s so cool that you managed to free the bird to fly away. With webs like that you’re already decorated for Halloween! 😯

  4. Sometimes the little creepies are the worst! Huzzah for rescuing the bird! (maybe the bird will come back one day and EAT that spider!)

  5. Must be from monster spiders!

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