This Little Bug…

looks as if it showered with glue then rolled around in the corners of a house that has two dogs and a cat.

My husband and I were working on my car today and when I went to reach for a tool I saw a piece of the cement on the wall move! As in walk away. I watched it for awhile then ran to get my camera and my jeweler’s glass. I thought it might be an ant covered in dust but it wasn’t. This is an actual bug. I have no idea yet what it is. I looked on the internet but haven’t found out what it is yet. So if you know let me know.

This is really a bug.


Even with the jewelers glass I couldn’t find it’s eyes. It would sort of flatten itself out then heave it’s midsection when I was too close to it. It was such a funny sight.

2 responses to “This Little Bug…

  1. That is quite an amazing cover up. I have no idea what kind of bug it is, but you got some really strange pictures! Well done.

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