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Silly Putty Anti-Foaming Agent In Kraft Mac And Cheese

This is outrageous! Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 are still being used by food manufacturers in the USA! Read your labels people. Please re-blog for our kid’s sake.

Thank you ever so much Leake and Vani Hari.


For All Dogs Happiness

This is a great article from Yahoo that expels many common myths people still  believe about dogs. Please read and pass on.

Happy-Darla Happy Darla in the bed, warm and comfy with her chew bone.

Mother Theresa A Jerk? Maybe

Many, many years ago I read three books about Mother Teresa. The first two were exactly what you thought they would be. They painted a picture of a wonderful, saintly woman who did so much for the sick and poor.

The third book however brought up a lot of questions and pointed towards a woman not quite as nice as everyone would like to believe. In Mother Teresa: Beyond The Image by Anne Sebba I distinctly remember a part where someone overheard her crossly snatch away a literal crumb of bread that a person was hiding. She scolded them for hiding food and if they didn’t believe God was going to take care of them. We are talking about a sick and dying person who was malnourished and used to being hungry. I don’t see Mother Teresa’s actions with that person as being very Godly or kind and loving. That book really opened my eyes and I have thought differently about her ever since. It seems she wanted the fame although not the money and did not care that much about people. It was also as if she were gathering up points with God for doing good works which the Bible clearly states can not be done. Jesus and Jesus alone paid for our salvation by his blood.

So I challenge you, read the book for yourself and see what you think. Anytime you read about someone you need to get more than one perspective. We all know that the media monster hypes what they want us to see and that is not always the truth.


Little Leaf Ball, Just Because

Little Leaf Ball, Just Because


Ice Cream Anyone?

Ice Cream Anyone?

I pray for her safe return.

Collies Of The Meadow

Recent news had  a collie found in Georgia but when trying to contact the phone # it was not the right one and the email address did not answer which makes us wonder.   So, once again we are still looking for Dixie.  Each time I post we get leads but each time they have ended up a dead end.  But, we keep looking and trying.  I know someone just recently found a dog they had lost ten years earlier.  So, we can’t give up hope yet, however, I am saddened we havent found her yet.

For all those who have looked and helped a huge thank you but dont give up yet.. she may still be out there….

Several leads have occurred but nothing is known about Dixie as of yet.  It is time for a huge appeal to the only power I know that knows exactly where she is…

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Animal Hoarders and Backyard Breeders

Please pass this story on to everyone! If you think you may know of someone doing this then call Animal Control. Don’t just ignore it. Please read this story of a little dog named Rosie. Remember animals cannot help themselves, we have to be their hero.


I Love Pink