Mother Theresa A Jerk? Maybe

Many, many years ago I read three books about Mother Teresa. The first two were exactly what you thought they would be. They painted a picture of a wonderful, saintly woman who did so much for the sick and poor.

The third book however brought up a lot of questions and pointed towards a woman not quite as nice as everyone would like to believe. In Mother Teresa: Beyond The Image by Anne Sebba I distinctly remember a part where someone overheard her crossly snatch away a literal crumb of bread that a person was hiding. She scolded them for hiding food and if they didn’t believe God was going to take care of them. We are talking about a sick and dying person who was malnourished and used to being hungry. I don’t see Mother Teresa’s actions with that person as being very Godly or kind and loving. That book really opened my eyes and I have thought differently about her ever since. It seems she wanted the fame although not the money and did not care that much about people. It was also as if she were gathering up points with God for doing good works which the Bible clearly states can not be done. Jesus and Jesus alone paid for our salvation by his blood.

So I challenge you, read the book for yourself and see what you think. Anytime you read about someone you need to get more than one perspective. We all know that the media monster hypes what they want us to see and that is not always the truth.

2 responses to “Mother Theresa A Jerk? Maybe

  1. ah..but building up points with God does no good at all. He says so in the if Mother T thinks that she would get there on her great works she would have a bit of a shock when she got to the Golden Gate and St Pete asks her about her life. Love and kindness to all and belief is the only qualification allowed”so good deeds …no good at all! I shall have a read

  2. Biographies are my favorite read. I oft times read several books about the same person. Eye-openers all.

    Knowing the many facets of a person…balances him/her out so we realize that, after all…we are speaking about a human being. Add to that the subject’s…life experiences…culture…upbringing…world view. And let us not forget…the individual’s character traits…the pluses AND the minuses.

    Good point…keep a balanced perspective.

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