An American Hero Is Dead

Photo By The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Paul Moseley

Ex Navy Seal Chris Kyle, an American hero is dead. It doesn’t matter what type of gun was used to kill him a good man is now gone. Of course the media wants to talk about the fact that it was a semi-automatic gun.

Chris Kyle was responsible for ridding the world of evil. The kind of evil who stoned women and shoot girls for going to school. The kind of evil who want to erase any form of freedom and enslave people in a dark and dreary world. A world where a woman can’t leave her own house. A world where young girls are traded like pieces of gold and abused by dirty old men. A world where there is justice, no law, no revenge to be had. The pits of hell.

Chris Kyle and others like him held the keys to these dungeons and used them to help set people free. Chris Kyle was a freedom fighter. Chris Kyle was a hero. I hope one day to see a statue of him in a town square.

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