It Is The Handler, Not The Item Being Handled

Just look at this sweet, loving, beautiful mother dog. All she ever wanted, needed and deserved was a chance to be loved and well taken care of. Now she has that. I pray hopeful that she nor her babies will ever fall into the hands of evil. Because it is evil that turns something into another evil. Evil begets evil. A dog is not born mean it learns to be mean through neglect and abuse. It becomes filled with hunger for regular food and love. It becomes filled with rage after years of torment and desperation. Can you blame it. Imagine what your heart would be like after that kind of treatment. And you all know that walked lightly over that subject. You have all seen pictures on the internet or news and quickly skipped over it because you knew you didn’t have the heart for it. But the animal didn’t have that tidy choice. It could only pile the suffering deeper and deeper until one day someone pushed too far and there was no more room for the dog to pile anymore feelings of hurt, fear and desperation. It was not the dog’s fault, it was the person responsible for the dog. Or any other animal.

It’s the same with a gun minus the feelings of course. An inanimate object can’t be good or bad. It can only be used in a good or bad way by a person. Like a teenager who has been bullied and pushed around all of his life. The gun didn’t cause the problem. The lack of mental health treatment in this country is the cause. I know this article isn’t written very well, I ‘m not a writer, I’m just getting my often times scrambled thoughts down on paper while they are here.

One response to “It Is The Handler, Not The Item Being Handled

  1. maybe not a writer but you did very well writing that. It came from the heart and shows what a very caring person you are…thank you for caring about all stray animals.
    also you are right about is mental instability which is the cause , not the person, and like the USA England also released mentally ill people into the community to look after themselves…some just cannot cope

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