Please Help The Animals

Please if you can, help the animals at you local shelters, animal control offices and rescue groups. I just saw that horrible SPCA commercial that brings me to tears every time. Usually I get to the remote in time to change it. It’s the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. So as I sit here sobbing I ask you to donate food, time and money if you can to your local shelter. Find out how many there are in your area see which one needs what the most. Of course we all know the more money they have the more animals they can help. So maybe you can budget a certain amount each month. No matter how small it will help. If just ten or twenty people in the community planned just five dollars a month that would be a great help.

When you shop at thrift stores look for receiving blankets, they are perfect for the kitties to curl up on. Maybe a childs flannel blanket for larger dogs. When your pet food is on sale buy one get one free give the free one to the shelter.  Do you like to walk in the rain? Then they could sure you use on those rainy days to walk dogs at the shelter. Are you a cleaner by nature? You know a shelter could use you for help in that area.

Now how about you neighborhood. Have you noticed animals in bad situations? Step up to the plate, call someone who can fix the problem. Does a dog need better shelter? Get together with friends and build it a better on! Make it a party. Make more than one. Does a dog need wheat straw to keep warm? But it a load and tell owner you had more than you could use and can you put it in their dogs house for them. Do you see a dog that never gets a walk? Introduce yourself to the owner and ask if you could help them by walking their dog for them once in a while.

In general if you see something that needs to be done, just do it. If you see an animal who needs help, step up to the plate and help it. Keep your eyes open for those you can help.

Carry pet food and water and most certainly blankets for this time of the year. Gloves, leashes, collars etc. In this day and time of everyone having a cell phone there is no reason not stop by the side of the road, safely, to check on a wandering, lost dog. My daughter and her boyfriend do it all the time. As do I. So I implore you to please help the animals.

One last thing to think about. When most people go to the pound to or shelter to pick out a dog they usually go for the cutest, smiliest one there. For a change how about pick the dog who has been there the longest. The one who is the ugliest. The one who needs a great home and loads of love more than any other. But please also consider your lifestyle and which do would dog would fit best in your life.

Thank you everyone! I would love to hear if any of you have any great rescue stories and pics of your dog or cat. They truly are our best friends.

Comments are welcomed

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