Ohio governor spares the life of convicted murderer? Are you kidding me? Just because he is fucking fat! Tough shit dumbass. He killed an innocent woman on purpose.

It’s not right to kill him because his death would be torturous and lingering? Oh to bad. What a shame. Imagine you are at work, doing your job, minding your own business and in comes a guy with a gun pointed at you. He starts firing all around. Is that not torturous and lingering? Can you just imagine how long that second of fear would be? It would be the longest most fearful second ever. It would be torturous. And for your family it would linger forever.

If he did kill that woman he deserves to die no matter what his weight. We are letting to many bad people get away with bad things. We have become softies. I don’t want to pay to house and feed murderers so they can sit around and get to damn fat. My money can be better spent on things like school security. Keep our innocent kids safe and these fat ass bastards away from us as in DEAD.

2 responses to “WTF!!!!!!

  1. you did not mince your words! I agree with all that you say….surely the prosecution will appeal ! Put him on a diet, get him slim and then j=kill him…no excuse then!
    this is dreadful justice

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