No Breeding!

Look at the pictures on this page. There are new ones every single day. This is the reason that dog and cat breeding should be severely limited and licensed. There are far too many animals that people get and then realize they don’t really want them and this happens to them. Yes some of these animals are honestly lost. And a lot of those will never make it back home and will die a horrible death at the pound. The pounds and shelters are over flowing with these sad, pitiful animals. This is where you should get a pet not from a breeder. Do something good instead of greedy.

2 responses to “No Breeding!

  1. If only you could see the government animal shelters in Bulgaria…they are like killing factories.Dogs are dumped in there and then left to die… There are organisations trying hard to combat this but againsy government officials you get no where

    • This has really soured my view of humans. To see all of these dogs being dumped, thrown out, not cared for like disposable trash. Hateful people who really don’t care. How can one look into the eyes of a dog and treat them so, as if they are nothing but a knick knack that one gets tired of dusting.

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