Rudie In Watercolor

I forgot to scan the picture before I framed it so this is an awful photo of it. Sorry about that. I hate that you can’t see the detail of her snout as thats the best part. I was not so happy with the job I did on her body. I found the frame for 12.95 at Hobby Lobby and it was normally 35.00! It fits perfect in my son and daughter in law’s house. Rudie is the sweetest dog and she is the third grandchild in the family. She has no idea that I go over to see the rest of the family too. Her head and body are not really two different colors in real life or in the painting but it looks that way in this horrible photograph.

11 responses to “Rudie In Watercolor

  1. She’s lovely! Watercolor is a difficult medium to do something with so much detail. I am impressed! 🙂

  2. I love it.
    Don’t eveer tell the dog…she will be devastated!

  3. Loved it…and what a lovely subject

  4. Rudy looks ready for a date! 😀

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