Don’t Let Your Bears Drink and Roam

Bears break into a cabin in Norway, smash it to bits and drink 100 beers.  Really? Was it canned or bottled? How did they open it? Broken glass and torn metal don’t hurt a bear? I wonder how long they stayed after drinking the beer. Did they pass out and sleep it off, waking up with hang-overs, throwing up? Did they stumble back to their den? And can one have bear drinking insurance on a cabin hideaway?

2 responses to “Don’t Let Your Bears Drink and Roam

  1. anyone with a bit of common sense would not leave beer in a cabin where there are bears…but if this was a vital thing then invest in a big safe with a combination lock.
    I don’t think that drinking excessively is good for bear or man..poor creatures

  2. Sounds like they had one hell of a party!

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