Goodwill Treasure

I came across this beautifully framed Jennie Brownscombe after etching by Jas. S. King.  Sunday Morning in Sleepy Hollow in Goodwill a few weeks ago for only $30.00!   The print alone is worth that much. My parents already have The Berry Pickers so this will make a nice addition to their home.  Now I think I might have the collecting bug. I know that I have seen these at Goodwill before so I will be on the lookout for them. I would love to find The First Thanksgiving. Jennie’s work is reminiscent of Normal Rockwell. Below you will find a link to Wayne County Historical Society in Honesdale PA with more information about her.

If you google Jennie Brownscombe and click on images you can see many more of her beautiful paintings. It’s a style that I would have never thought of owning but now after it has been sitting in my house waiting to go to my parents I have become quite attached to it.

8 responses to “Goodwill Treasure

  1. Treasure Hunts are such fun . . . especially when you double the pleasure by giving your finds away. 😀

    • Too be able to actually find something that my parents can use or would like is a pleasure.

      • wow that’s great! actually the one in my article is pretty much available for purchase already framed and matted if you are interested. My parents recently purchased a print of a painting done from a photo taken in Paris by a friend of theirs. It replaced their first Jennie Brownscombe print. They don’t like a lot of clutter so there really isn’t a place for the one that I bought so now I need to sell it. So glad that I could be of encouragement to you. I actually had some useful information for someone!!!!

  2. Your comments helped me decide to purchase Jennie Brownscombe’s, Sunday Morning in Sleepy Hollow today while I was shopping at a Goodwill! It too is from a Jas. S. King etching. It caught my eye, and after googling to learn about artist, I decided it was too good a find to pass up. It will have to be re-matted and re-framed, which may detract from its value.

    • I found “Sunday Morning in Sleepy hollow” and Berry Pickers at an antique/vintage thrift store. The frames are identical to what I have seen on this site. Were these prints limited run? I bought both and enjoy them along with “Breezing Up” in my livingroom.

  3. I was trying to get some info on this print and ran across your article. I bought a framed and matted print of Sunday mornings in sleepy hollow at an estate yard sale for $5.00 this morning. Saw where one had just sold on ebay for 250 framed and matted the same way as the one I bought. Needless to say it is now hanging on my wall.

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