Water Color Painting Tips

Today while I was working on this painting I made a mistake on Miss Kitty’s head. I tried to add more too it and it ended up becoming a big blob that looked nothing like a cat. I thought I was going to have to live with it but that is not the case. I am finding that water-color is very forgiving. So I used a small piece of paper towel to blot up the excess liquid sitting on the piece then I dabbed my brush into the green paint picking up just a very small amount with more water than paint and really rubbed it around in the area that needed fixing. It diluted the small black space and removed it in just the right size and amount to make kitty’s head look just like it should. I was so relieved.

I was brave and just painted kitty in without drawing her first. If you think about the shape, it’s just an oval sort of, then a tail which anyone could paint. Then a round bit for the head and two or two and half pointy bits for the ears. Also a little smudge bit for the back leg.  And a collar for the cat. See very easy!

Right at the end of the red arrow is where the big blob of black paint was. I had no idea that it would really work but I had no choice but to take a chance. Sometimes you just have to try it! It might work.

Of course the kitty in the tutorial looks nowhere near as good as the first one! The neck is too fat. But still you get the idea, it really isn’t all that difficult. Give it a try.

One response to “Water Color Painting Tips

  1. My favorite paintings are the ones that needed “fixing.” :D

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