Chaaa, Chaa, Cha, Changes

I am so happy with the changes that I made to my horse mural. I like it much better than  before. Loads more still to do but it makes me happy to walk by and see it now. I feel as if I can see the light at the end of tunnel now. And light is what I need most. I think I am going to name my horse Whisper.  His nose looks much longer in the photo. It might really be too long but not as much as in the picture.

When I put the base color on the carrots you can see my hand decided to not cooperate with me and decided to just throw the paint brush around. I can’t wait to add all of the little details to make the carrots come to life.

I think I need an orange wall or two or three in my house. It is such a happy color, so full of energy and life. Maybe I should paint every room this color! Change can be a good thing.

4 responses to “Chaaa, Chaa, Cha, Changes

  1. Very nice, Linda. Moving the horizon definitely helped.

  2. I love his eyes. In them you’ve captured his soul. Beautifully rendered. Not certain I could’ve fare as well. Portraits were never my forte.

    • Thank you. I have to go back and touch up his eyelashes, they lost their featheriness when I reworked the background. How odd that you say that about his eyes. I never quite felt that I could capture them as much as I wanted to but once again, thank you so much for your kind complement.

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